New Solo Acoustic

Life gets busy sometimes and this last year I changed homes, my new home needing lots of TLC, plus my usual recording buddies got busy with tours, making time quite limited.  I'd started making demos with loops, overdubs, etc.. as I was excited about the new batch of songs I had saved but then an overcoming feeling of me doing the usual routine along with a busy performance season on the horizon made me change direction.  I wanted to get these songs out while they still represented the time in which they were written all within the last year.  I had the realization that these songs could stand up on their own with some extra effort so I went back and worked on them away from the recording desk, finally deciding to go back to basics and get the immediacy and raw aesthetic of Early Folk and Blues.   The results are this album of solo acoustic versions recorded on two microphones over two days in March of 2018.   If the title  You're Not Alone seems ironic for a solo album, my reasoning is all the influences, past experiences, with all the fantastic musicians, producers, engineers, fans and friends I've been blessed to work with were with me. Their presence lasts and I can hear their parts.  Maybe you can too.  


KBMG Live at Chianti Release Coming Sept/Oct

Well, the product is in transit, the parties are booked, and we can't wait to share it with you! 


here's the credits to see what we've done

all songs written by dan King except  No Expectations*Jagger/Richards and Sweet Jane** by lou Reed

these songs were recorded { warts an' all } at Chianti restaurant , beverly, massachusetts over the winter of '16 / '17 by david Brown. 

they were mixed by tom Dube.

rick Ashley took the photographs

art design by dan King with dave Mattacks

 KBMG would like to give a big 'thank you' to rich Marino, keith Kinne & dawn Mineo at Chianti, Amanda King for production hospitality  - & Everyone who comes out to hear & see us. 

the band would also like to thank Jalapenos restaurant { gloucester, ma }, ...

{ we know all bands say this , but - really - play this cd loud ! 

dan King Thanks my lovely wife Amanda and kids, my bandmates,  my my folks, my friends, and all those standing reservations keeping us going on 14 years!  and lastly the makers at Fender, Gibson, Ernie Ball, Shure, Ibanez, Boss, Dunlop, Acoustic, Apple, Universal Audio, Boston Acoustic, Dynaudio, Beyer Dynamic, Mogami for the tools of the trade

david Brown Thanks to my lovely wife Kathy Brown for her support through all the odd hours musicians can have any time of the week.

Michael Linberg for a hand in musical ear  line checks , test mixes all on a week night.  John Keegan for the gear and expertise!

Di adario strings, Ernie Ball volume pedals, Peavey amps

Last but not least ,my band mates who helped and pitched in with the extra hour set ups, loading , loaning gear and giving it all the old good spirited try to document a few moments at this cool club in Beverly Ma known as Chiantis!

I'll be honest ...there were a few moments when i said ''What was i thinking''?  Trying to record ourselves to save costs is a more daunting task then one might think....a certain amount of pain was involved ,but could not have pulled it off without the help as described...Hope you all enjoy.} 

dave Mattacks thanks caron - especially for consistently helping 'muster-the-troops' to beverly {!} , dan, dave & wolf for being fab Zildjian , Yamaha , Evans , Pro-Mark , LP , Protection Racket & Drum Dots. !

Wolf Ginandes  thanks everyone who makes this all possible and those who come out every week to hear us play.

In the Sun Release

A few words about the latest release.. it’s no coincidence that I’m releasing this collection on the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love.  The influence of that era in my opinion is still quite evident for better and worse.  The ideas that spurred from taking a hard look at our ways of living during that era opened our eyes to how we dealt with our family life, our food, our air and water,  our government, while ideas about drugs, free love, and cult life in hind site were the hard learning experiences, bumps in the road,  that came from new untested ideals,  proving that maybe some of those old ways weren’t all that bad.  Through that constant back and forth we’ve been forging the future as always.  With the opening line of “In the Sun” I speak of these “two roads”, many times thinking of the internal struggle of classic French writer Marcel Proust when the subject arises and in the modern world of politics and religion there still seems to be only the two options for many, heaven or hell, liberal or conservative.    With this release I’ve tried to capture that feeling of adventure, fear, expectation, change, and what it felt like to be on the cusp of that new era, in retrospect 50 years on.   An era that would shape my world as a child of the 70s.   

     My tools were much of the same instruments of the time coupled with the latest technology, mostly Stratocaster ( a first for me thanks to the influence of my lovely wife), Drums by Russ Lawton recorded at Bang a Song by Warren Babson, Saxophone by Mike Tucker recorded by me on a Laptop with a Saphire interface, all recorded digitally, and mixed with the latest Plugin’s from Universal Audio on an Apple Computer at home, Mastered by Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital,  taking cues from Pink Floyd, Van Morrison, Jimmy Page, Miles Davis, and Traffic. 

   So in that vein of taking the best of both worlds,  this summer of love 2017 I’ll enjoy a backyard BBQ possibly with Farm to table food and organic vegetables, the ballgame will be on in the background while some folks talk about a new Yoga class,  and we’ll continue to get along no matter our politics and religion while good music, past and present, both experimental and traditional,  fills the air.

Bathed In Dream Light Release May 2016

A new release with a different direction, Bathed in Dream Light, explores the sonic landscapes of jazz, art rock, and psychedelia.  Featuring Russ Lawton on Drums recorded by Warren Babson at Tony Goddess' Bang a Song studio, and completed by Dan King at home on all the other instruments plus a wonderful guest appearance by Burke Sampson on Lead Noise on Jungle, and finally finished and mastered by Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital, this is a thoroughly enjoyable 20 minutes of sound.  You''ll hear hints of Miles Davis, David Bowie, Christian Scott, Pink Floyd, The Cure, and more..  Available on all the usual Streaming and Download places May 23rd. 

New Release It's a Beautiful World (Live)

It's a Beautiful World (Live)   released November 2015

VA with Dan King Fall 2015

 Where did you come up with the title?

“It’s a Beautiful World” was the last line I came up with for 

“Amanda’s Song” about a year and a half after I started writing it.   A song I’ve dedicated to my wife.  It was one of the first near completed songs I wrote when we were fresh and in love and KBMG started performing it live as  “Don’t Look Back” for a working title.   We both had pasts we had to deal with and “Don’t Look Back” was a bit of reference to that.  KBMG brought it into the studio, it was one of the extra studio singles I planned on adding, and I just never felt it was quite finished.    When redoing the vocals in the studio I came up with that line for the Chorus “It’s a beautiful world when you keep that love around” and finally felt the song was worthy to be dedicated to my better half.   She’s changed my life immensely and though I’ve always been fascinated by the darker sides of music this one is all love and overcoming darkness.    She makes my life beautiful and I’m a lucky guy.   

 Can you expand on darkness in music?

Well, while there are no easy answers but in my view it’s about the beauty of the blues, that transformation of taking pain and making something beautiful out of it.  What an incredible thing humans can do.   I still find it fascinating.  Keith Richards talks of the expressiveness of the blues and that’s something that really gets my attention and I agree with.   Not that there’s anything wrong with playing happy go lucky.  I love a good celebration.  I just find the blues feeling to go a bit deeper, be a bit more thoughtful and interesting when it comes to my own art.   Folk and Blues really work fairly naturally for me as a guitar player and singer as well so I just haven’t been fighting it lately!   Having some like-minded legendary players to help me along the way doesn’t hurt either.   Ironically, when I was putting the track list together, with titles including the words, Runaway, Train to Cry,  Feeling Bad, Raggedy, I had to laugh at the “Beautiful World” title I’d already come up with and it just stuck.  The title placed on top of a Jon Sarkin painting, another like-minded blues and folk fan, looked right and the whole package came together. 

 You’ve got two different lead vocalists joining you on the studio tracks, how did that come about?

Working as an entertainment manager all these years I really get to meet a lot of folks and it gets me out of the house to check out new acts.   Also, I love to hear the different interpretations of my songs.    The first singles we finished are from last year when I was working a bit with Joe Wilkins.  He opened for us at the Old Sloop.  I thought his voice would sound good on “Revolution Time” and was happy he could do it.   Really did a great job.  

  Mari Martin moved back to Cape Ann a few years ago and she’s done a fantastic job for me doing gigs and I love her band.

When I was recording “Amanda’s Song” I really wanted a female vocalist on there who was more in the range of my wife’s favorites Shawn Colvin and Alison Kraus.  My wife loves Mari too so the choice was obvious.   Mari, who’s had experience working with vocals genius Kenny Loggins, knew exactly where I was coming from and hit it just right.    

  We also had Joe Kessler play some fiddle for that down home flavor on “Trailer Blues”, plus the kids and friends doing gang vocals on “Show Me The Stars Tonight”. We did a recording field trip to the Denison Street Water Tower on a beautiful day   and made some fun memories. 

  Why the Old Sloop for the live record?

 We actually record when we can, it was available and this situation seemed to be right for us.    The band had been playing rather well lately, we had some new material since our last live recordings, it had been a while since we recorded at Berklee Performance Center, and it was a different set up for us being mostly acoustic, coffee house style.   Geof Lyon at Old Sloop has some great gear and we employed engineer Warren Babson to help out.   You never really know what’s going to happen but we were blessed with an attentive audience and got some really top performances on record.  

 Is it harder to do a live record live than in the studio?

 The beauty of live recordings sometimes is that once the levels are set and you mix one tune that technique should theoretically work for the rest of the performances.  That was kind of the mindset I went into when beginning the mix down process.  Unsurprisingly there’s always something to throw you off.  In this case it was the dynamics of the band, the differences in volume that we employ along the way, which makes for an exciting and varied performance, but makes recording and producing it back a bit more interesting.  KBMG goes from quiet intimate moments to raucous blues to high energy two stepping.   Most modern and studio recordings are pretty flat with very consistent volume for the drums and bass using compression to keep everything in line.   I found this almost impossible as the tonal qualities of the instruments, drums mostly, change at different volumes.  I thought the more compressed mixes really sucked the life out of the performances and the “thing” we do, the magic was a bit lost. 

In the end I decided to go with almost no compression.  The quiet moments are real.  I think the best example is “Handmade with Love”, one of the more recent songs, where we start out quiet and very muted but by the end the song blossoms into this rich, lustrous, wave of sound.   I don’t mind sacrificing a bit of production to really capture the performance, imperfections and all. 

Why did you include cover songs and those particular cover songs?

Cover songs have always been a big part of our band.  We are not very puritanical when it comes to performing.  We play what feels right on any given night most of the time.  Sometimes I get sick of listening to my own compositions and lean on covers and sometimes we’ll do 90 percent original depending on the gig.   There’s something very freeing and grounding in playing a song like “Going down the road feeling Bad”.   It’s traditional, writer unknown, and folks have been playing it for over 100 years.   “Dirty Old Town” is another one of those, written by Ewan MacColl, that really seems as true and poignant today as it was when it was written so many years ago, dealing with urban renewal and the changing of time.   We feature Dave Mattacks stepping out from behind the drums to play Piano wonderfully on that one which made the recording extra special.   The other covers by Bob Dylan and Garcia/Hunter, while being more modern, are steeped in that traditional folk and blues feeling that we all love playing.     I guess it’s about staying connected to the past for me anyway, don’t want to speak for the rest of the fellas, but I’m an old history and nostalgia bum.  Laughs. 


 It’s A Beautiful World (Live) will be available on ITunes, Spotify, Amazon, and more for Digital Distribution and you can purchase CDs at KBMG shows. 

New Year New Music

Well the End of 2014 and beginning of 2015 saw lots of music action.  

KBMG recorded live at the Old Sloop with wonderful results thanks to Geof Lyon and the crew at the Sloop in Rockport with special thanks to Warren Babson for the engineering help.

I did my first Rockport New Years Eve solo at the Methodist Church, saw the ball drop on Main St. and enjoyed a wonderful new year with family and friends including my new Fiancé.  Yes, I'm engaged to one amazing lady.  

We finished production and distribution of Two Chairs debut EP Want Some Fish, featuring Chris Keating and Mike Justian just in time for the holidays. 

Wolf Ginandes will join me in Salem at Brodies Seaport with Chris Fitz and Steve Peabody for our debut at the Sunday Blues Experience over in Witch City. 

Herr Merci, a new psychedelic hard rock band featuring George Hall, Pete Koepin, John Newcomer, Brian O'Connor, and Lori Perkins debuted in Early January with stunning results! Watch for the next gig is Early February. 

Chianti in Beverly continues to host KBMG electric to full rooms, reservations recommended to those outings as well as our now 11 year stint at Jalapeños Tuesday nights acoustic. 

A little further down the line KBMG is honored to headline the Cold River Radio Show in New Hampshire in Early March.  A live Broadcast and recording variety show experience in a small theater setting.  

2015 is looking good already! Many thanks for the continued support and we look forward to seeing you at the Show!

Memories of Gloucester Music

 I remember it as if it were magic. That special place before the west end and after the bank.  Next to a shoe store across from Center Street.  A funky hand-painted sign spread above the entrance and once you were inside the counter was on the right and the discount 45s on the left, new 45s on the wall behind the register.  Straight ahead were the rows of albums, sheet music, and posters large and small, hanging high and low, featuring mostly the rockers of the sixties and seventies.  It was the original Gloucester Music Store of 1977.  The place where I bought my first Albums and 45s with the money I earned from paper routes and allowance chores, and thanks to Mom and Dad for the rest. 

  After 37 years the doors are closing at this Gloucester institution.  Only the memories will soon remain. After one long last browse, with hellos to Susan and Judy,  so many memories surfaced that I felt impelled to get a few down in writing and see what I could remember on this autumn day in 2014 as I walked down to the Blvd from Stage Fort.

   My first memory of purchase on my own, not bought by my Mom or Dad, was a 45 of “She’s So Cold” by the Rolling Stones. I must have been 10 years old looking at the release date.   I’d caught the video on Solid Gold hosted by Dionne Warwick and just had to have that track, even though they looked so much older to me even then!  The track stands up today in my opinion as a tasty example of the Keith Richards and Ron Wood Guitar weave, where the line of lead and rhythm guitarist is blurred with ear tingling results.  

  An early LP or Long Play that I recall purchasing as a kid was Eagles Greatest Hits. My Dad had the 8track cassette featuring my then favorite “Already Gone”.  Today I still love “Take It To The Limit” and Randy Meisner’s transcendent vocal.  Other first purchases were The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour and Let It Be with “I Am The Walrus” and “Across the Universe” respectively.  I’d asked and gotten Sgt. Pepper as a Christmas present and was obsessed with the Fab Four.  I’d started my Beatles craze with Mom’s original Vee-Jay fold out copies of All Our Best and A Hard Days Night. One Beatle record that I sadly loaned out and lost was a special collection released for Valentine’s called Love Songs, cased in a leather looking foldout with a lyric book that I read on many a rainy day while listening to “I’ll Follow the Sun”.  I can still picture that Double LP on display as you entered the store.  It was a couple years later when John Lennon’s assassination late in 1980 made this 10 year old eerily aware of the importance of this music by the reaction of the world to his death. My music obsession began to reach new heights. 

   My first Stones LP from Gloucester Music was High Tide and Green Grass with it’s fold out picture book featuring Britain’s original bad boys in the studio and live in concert.  I can still remember being outside my Aunt Nancy’s on Willow Street, whose family we would visit and spend many a Friday walking downtown as neither she nor my mom drove. I was holding that record album tight and dreaming about meeting those Rolling Stones someday.  Gloucester Music and my aunts row house were in my thoughts when I was hanging in Keith Richards dressing room with Keith, Ron Wood,  and assorted guests,  backstage at Fenway Park in 2005 where they kicked off the Bigger Bang Tour, having a private laugh with that little kid inside of me.  

   Back in the late 70s and early 80s  fingering through the records at Gloucester Music was as natural a pastime as walking down the street, whether I was buying or not.  A trip through the record store was a part of my routine, a hang out, with my curiosity touched by every new release on display in large Album covers.  I can picture Elvis Costello’s checkered Buddy Holly profile on his debut, Cream’s Disraeli Gears psychedelic colored bubbles,  Earth, Wind, and Fire’s Egyptian temples, Joni Mitchell’s Ladies of the Canyon simple pencil and watercolor minimalism, and the angst/Elvis resurrection of The Clash’s London Calling cover.   Filing through records was like filing through an art gallery of prints, with my imagination trying to figure out what each cover might sound like once opened.  Mystery sounds swam in my head while Susan and Judy minded the shop forever patient as I read and studied this vast recorded history. 

    My next obsession was Jimi Hendrix.   I was a shy kid way back when with odd tastes and not necessarily into the current popular fads.  Ralph Bakshi released American Pop in 1981, a masterpiece of animation about four generations of american musicians from their immigration to the present 1980s.   There was a bit about a band that resembled the Jefferson Airplane not wanting to follow this Jimi Hendrix act and I was intrigued.   I made it down to Gloucester Music and picked up Are You Experienced?.  I distinctly remember keeping  the purchase hidden in my bag and on the way out being asked “what’s in the bag little king” by some of my older brothers sports buddies.  I said “nothing” as I breezed by.  Behind my back I could hear them snicker “must be disco Ha Ha”.  Not quite. 

   The early 80s brought along the Boom Box and the Walkman and soon my purchases switched to mostly cassettes for the convenience.   My Lucido’s Barbershop Basketball hoodie always hid earphones in the hallways all through O’Maley Middle School.   The bands changed too and my tastes became a bit more current, U2 Under A Blood Red Sky Live, Chrissie Hynes and The Pretenders, The Police Regatta De Blanc, Talking Heads Stop Making Sense, R.E.M. Murmur,  offset with the darker tones of Black Sabbath Paranoid and Never Say Die, and AC/DC anything and everything, all from the Gloucester Music case under the glass. 

    My first and only black light poster was an incredible AC/DC Highway to Hell promo featuring a laughing devil on the horizon whose flaming arms encircled a dark winding lonesome road,  bought from the store next to a Shoes sign.  There were countless Jimi Hendrix pictures and posters that soon took over all the wall space available in my attic room on Eastern Avenue, just before the traffic lights and a short walk to downtown.  I’m sure my parents were thrilled.   I distinctly remember hearing Stevie Ray Vaughn “Cold Shot” on WBCN one sunny day up in my attic room and marching with purpose immediately down to Susan’s store to grab the cassette of Couldn’t Stand the Weather.  Same thing happened when I heard Jeff Beck’s Wired on rock radio, though a few years after it was released, and was blown away.  I’d caught the Guitar bug listening to Hendrix and my Dad’s Chet Atkins records and now had the whole disease, taking lessons and trying to figure out each phrase by ear off the stereo.  

    There was a fire in 1984 and the whole block end that housed Kelleher’s, Joe’s Dugout, a Chinese Restaurant,  and the former Gloucester Music left forever.  It’s been a parking lot and a small park on the Main St. side ever since.  Ironically that spot on Main St. has become a music stage during Block Parties as well as housing the random busker which always makes me smile in remembrance.  

   Gloucester Music moved to a larger space closer to the east end of Main St. next to Cameron’s and I was delighted.  Now I didn’t have to walk as far to find my latest escapes and after leaving my early morning Seven Seas Cafe job setting up Clambakes and culling Lobsters I could stop by Gloucester Music and spend my new found wealth.  The hits in the summer of 1984 may have been Huey Lewis and Ghostbusters but for me and my developing guitarist ear Bob Marley’s Rastaman Vibration and Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti kept me walking with purpose and maybe even a head nodding strut. 

   Times changed, I outgrew the neighborhood a bit, and my record store browsing was broadened with trips to Harvard, Davis, and Central Square on the Train,  but I never stopped popping into my original hang-out Gloucester Music.  I went back to vinyl for a while after discovering jazz,  via Fusion/Jazz Rock,  and soon Herbie Hancock’s Head Hunters, Wes Montgomery Smokin’ at the Half Note,  and a bunch of Mile Davis, including a rare Directions double album, Nefertiti, and current releases Decoy and Tutu, now filled my Gloucester Music paper bags.  The new upstairs section where I found all of these records was a beautiful loft filled with Classical, New Age, and Modern Jazz with posters of the same.  A world apart from my rock and roll beginnings. Climbing up those stairs I remember the NRBQ poster on the wall that I’d pass every time, not having a clue as to who they were and whom I got to see live playing at Pearl St. in Northampton, Ma while working as a door man side stage in the early 90s.  What a pleasant surprise.  The poster I remembered now seemed perfectly placed in between the floors just as NRBQ’s music seemed to lie as they bridged early rock and roll with modern jazz improvisation. 

   As the years rolled on I went back to Rock and Roll and kept the Jazz leanings as well, and completed many collections down at Gloucester Music.  I bought strings and cords, picks, slides, harmonicas, and sometimes even the records that were playing in the Store.  In High School I distinctly remember purchasing the first Robert Cray record after hearing it emanating from an above speaker and taking it to my basketball game storing it carefully in my gym locker.  Another memory was hearing what sounded like a piano based RadioHead record Susan was playing that I immediately purchased and played incessantly.  It turned out to be Rufus Wainwright’s debut in 1998,  produced by Jon Brion.   I’d catch all of them live, Rufus at the Paradise in Boston with a piano laced with Heineken’s a la Freddie Mercury, Jon Brion at Largo in West Hollywood recreating with loops every instrument and vocal of Roxy Music’s “More Than This”, and Radiohead in several different arenas. 

   A couple favorites,  amongst so many  purchases still in my collections, that really seem to mark the times for me are Lou Reed’s New York and Tom Petty’s Full Moon Fever in early 1989.  The 80s were closing and,  being born in 1970,  so were my teens.  I couldn’t ask for a deeper more meaningful soundtrack for my rock and roll heart as I left home for adulthood.  Since then I’ve hit the record stores in New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin and beyond with so many in between I couldn’t begin to count.   Thank you Susan, Judy, and all the family and friends who made Gloucester Music such an important part of my life’s journey as I’m sure you have for so many others on our beautiful dirty old Cape.  Goodbye old friend and thanks for the memories.

Springtime brings the New

Thanks for visiting!  

here's the latest and some things on the horizon..

   Revolution Time by KBMG (yours truly, David Brown, Dave Mattacks, Wolf Ginandes) featuring Joe Wilkins, the newest release for Spring 2014,  is another example of a successful KBMG collaboration following Señorita del Sol featuring JB Amero on vocals and Handmade with Love featuring Alberta "Fozzie" Hill and Charlee Bianchini on vocals.  Revolution Time was written in Los Angeles in 2013, worked on sporadically through out  the fall and found a voice when Joe Wilkins and I decided to make good on plans to work together.  The final Demo and Drums for Revolution Time were recorded in a brand new space on the Dogtown Border next to Trustees of Reservations public trail thanks to old friend Tiger Marston.    The New Barn is made of Salvaged Wood from an old south shore Barn and stands next to a Stone Water Tower.  Inspirational grounds and an amazing sounding room set the foundation for what will surely be a lifting point for many recordings to come.  Also thanks to Jared Charney for getting some great photos during the sessions. 

Keys and Overdubs were done throughout the winter at my Cripple Cove space as well as the final mixing, mastering, and video. 

   KBMG celebrated the Release with a debut electric performance of Revolution Time at Chianti Jazz Club in Beverly, MA on May 1st.  

   After hosting The Rhumb Line Early Show on Saturdays over the winter with many special guests including, George Hall, Brian O'Connor, Ron and Sheila Schrank, Charlee Bianchini, Fozzie Hill, Bill Gleason, Toni Ann Enos, Brian King, Colin Harhay, Jeff Arcari, Marina Evans, Thad Bernard, Pat Conlon, Fran Clarke, Megan Mckensie, Jeff Buckridge, Renee and Joe, Joe Wilkins and Chris Langathianos, Ric St. Germaine, Inge Berge, Ann Marie, Bradley Royds, I really got a chance to pull out the Harmonicas on a regular basis and the results were so pleasing that a day was spent at Tony Goddess' Bang A Song Studio with Engineer Warren Babson resulting in 15 new recordings on Solo Acoustic with Harmonicas, live with no overdubs, that will be released sometime in the near future.  Trailer Blues, a New live set standard looks to be the next single release and a solo a acoustic version of a brand new 2014 written love song Don't Look Back, I Know will be a feature on the solo acoustic release.  

    So lots in the works, as are final shows with this version of Bandit Kings,  summer fun with Safety 80s and Glostafarians, plus plenty of acoustic strumming at Mile Marker One on Saturdays at 5pm, and last but not least the 10 year plus residency at Jalapeños on tuesday nights.  Check the links and Facebook for Daily updates..

   Many thanks to all the fans and supporters of live music that make all this happen and keep me on my toes writing fresh material and digging up new covers.  Here's to a great spring and summer!

all the best


New KBMG Release is in Production! Cd Release Nov. 5th

Ok folks! Now I know I've been talking about this record for a while and I can finally say The New KBMG is off to the presses.  We discussed titles and settled on "Blue Sky Sundown" since this live standard really showcases the band at it's best.  The basics for Three tracks were recorded by Tony Goddess at Bang A Song and rest were done by me at home with some pretty amazing microphones, experienced professional band members who know how to get good sounds, modern technology and a ton of elbow grease.   David Brown did some of his guitar work at home as well and even Wolf recorded some bass parts on his own, but most of the records basics were done live in the room with all of us present to get the "vibe" we attain on a weekly basis on Cape Ann.   Michael Ward-Bergman masterfully guests on Accordion for three tracks,  Renee Dupuis and Ann Marie Shimanoski of the the Bandit Kings add some sweet backing vocals on two tracks and JB Amero sings lead on a stunning and soulful version of another live favorite "Senorita Del Sol".  Two never performed live tracks are in the mix to give everyone something completely new and I really feel we have a wonderful blend of material to add to our history.  The track listing is as follows. 1. Blue Sky Sundown 2. Flood On The Highway  3. Lardeo  4. Senorita Del Sol  5. Gimme Some Time  6. The Lonely Hours  

You'll be able to Purchase CDs of the EP at Jalapeños in Gloucester Ma on Tuesday November 5th and look for us online in the New Year!  

Back in the Saddle

   What an experience is all I can say!  Mucho Gracias to all the Angels in Los Angeles who made my winter/spring greater than any I'd ever imagined with a special thanks to Nelson and Julia for their incredible hospitality, the boys in the Mac, Joe, Doug, Dan, Brett and new drum buddy Matt O'Connor for keeping my chops up, and Austin and Andrew for keeping it real on the beach south bay style, (Hello St. Rocke)!!   Add some fun in Portland,Oregon with Russ and Ray at the Crystal Ballroom with Trey Anastasio, Vegas with Señor Randazza,  Phoenix with Peter and the Blondes, and of course Stacy (red trucking) and Kacy and the the SD Mission Bay mafia (watch out for the Sea Lions)!

   Glad and excited to be home for the summer after an amazing spring out west that included playing live on AXS with Marc Carroll at the Nokia Plaza Studio, please check out his latest record with guest spots by one of my all-time favorites Larry Campbell ( Bob Dylan, Levon Helm Band). Biggest LA moment?! Catching the Rolling Stones play the small club Echoplex in Echo Park, Hollywood with all the A-listers to kick off the 50 and counting tour with Austin Connors, thanks for the tip Mari!

 The summer is booked so watch out for shows by the Bandit Kings, KBMG, SAFETY80S and Glostafarians.  I'll be back on Tuesdays at Jalapeños 7-9pm and trying something new, 5-7 ARHH (Acoustic Roots Happy Hour) at Mile Marker One, Cape Ann Marina, Saturdays starting in late June through Labor Day!

rock and roll

Go West!!

News Update for FALL 2012!

Moving!!  Yes, it's true.  I'm moving to the West Coast Janurary 2013, but don't fret (pun intended) I'll be back for the summer to perform around the North Shore and beyond. 

 Speaking of North Shore check Jared Charney's moody picture of me in North Shore Magazine's great Rock photo spread in the Press/Reviews section!  Also included are Dave Mattacks, Willie Alexander, What Time Is It Mr. Fox?, Preacher Jack and more..  

KBMG Performances are updated including The Bandit Kings and SAFTEY 80s so make sure you go out and have some fun with me before I leave!

New Records by KBMG and Bandit Kings are in session for December Releases plus a few extra fun singles are in the works.

So many songs to finish, so little time, but you're going to be very pleased with the results.   I've set up the home studio (while the lady is already out west) plus some mixing time at Bang A Song with Tony Goddess to finish the job. 

Many thanks to those who pledged at Indie Go Go for the Bandit Kings, those who continue to support the Open Jam at The Rhumbline, Acoustic Tuesdays at Jalapeños, Safety 80s, Last Sunday Open Mic,  Glostafarians and all the other shows we play!  It's been the pleasure of my life to do so much music around the North Shore for the last 20 years and really appreciate you're continued support in my decision on taking a new adventure.

 All The Best, 


Late Summer 2012

What a summer!  It's been flying by faster than usual which means we've been extra busy.  Our Weekly Jalapeños Acoustic session has been consistently sold out!  Monday Jams have been through the roof, especially last week with guests Russ Lawton and Ray Paczkowski from the Trey Anastasio Band who are promoting a new Soule Monde CD and Beach Boy Nelson Bragg's Cd release back in June.   Bandit Kings have a great new acoustic single called Don't Runaway Lyle sung by Renee Dupuis released in July with Cuz I Told Ya set to hit in September.

   Big news is I'll be moving to Seattle very early 2013 to try some Bi-Coastal living.    It's a bittersweet moment in time for us as we've been blessed with so many amazing relationships here on the North Shore, music, work and community as well as family and close friends, that it would be too hard to just say goodbye completely though we have to take advantage of this great work opportunity.   So we're going to try and keep a place here in Gloucester while I explore some new musical adventures on the west coast!   

Many thanks for all the continued support over the years of live music around Cape Ann and beyond and hopefully things will carry on gracefully so I can jump back in come summertime.  All the best, DK

PS. Check out Bandit Kings and Safety 80s listings and news through the Links page with KBMG and weekly residence shows on the home page!

Spring 2012

  Taking a look at a busy summer Schedule that's unfolding I'm glad to have a moment to write this down!            Here's a quick recap of some recent highlights and things to look forward to!

    Bandit Kings are still leading the pack with recent major exposure on Sirius XM The Loft with Meg Griffin and a full 45 minute feature with interviews, live in the studio performances and just a fun, interesting and creative time over all.  The Bandit Kings  Epic Hello co-producer Dave Mattacks joined us for the program recorded at Tony Goddess Bang A Song studio and did his own two part series soon afterward.   All I have to say is we are lucky to be in such good company.  Watch out for new songs, shows and the like at 

  Speaking of Company, congratulations to friend and Epic Hello contributor Nelson Bragg on being a member of the Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Tour!  Nelson joined the Bandit Kings on stage for several Los Angeles shows at Molly Malone's, The Mint and Saint Rocke as he heard the news of the coming tour.   Maybe you saw him performing at the Grammy's with Foster the People, Maroon 5 and naturally the Beach Boys.  We'll be hosting Nelson's CD Release "You Get What You Want"  at the Rhumbline on June 25th for a special Open Jam the day before the Beach Boys play Boston.

   KBMG continue to raise the ante with a recent fantastic electric show at Minglewood Tavern, a rarity for the band who usually play acoustic.   The new songs are still brewing at a slow but steady pace and there's no hurry since the Tuesday night residency at Jalapeños, now into it's 8th year, continues to make this band of already seasoned professionals a tighter and more dynamic unit with each week that passes.   Keep your eyes peeled for a special Coffee House Show in Rockport early this Summer with a fine opening act plus some new material!

There are Benefits, One Night Acoustic Stands with friends featuring Allen Estes, Jimmy Ryan, Ann Marie Shimanoski, Tony Goddess, SAFETY 80s returns to the Madfish, Glostafarian Shows at the Cape Ann Marina, new recordings planned and hopefully some summer fun!  

best wishes to you for a fantastic Spring and Summer!

DK 2012

Fall 2011

What a year it's been so far.  Since my last update the Bandit Kings toured and recorded a live record in Los Angeles, spent the spring and early summer writing a new record while playing numerous shows, getting some fabulous radio play, recorded at Bang A Song with Tony Goddess starting in August, Mixed  at Q Division and  Mastered at M-Works in October and are ready to release Epic Hello on Nov. 5th.  Co-produced by Dave Mattacks and featuring Russ Lawton, Nelson Bragg, Michael Bergeman, Colin Harhay and John Cameron this record is already creating a stir!  Release parties on Nov. 5th at the Rhumbline, Gloucester, Ma. starting at 7pm upstairs. Nov. 15th with Dan Baker at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, Ma. 

Amongst all that I had a fabulous summer booking the Madfish Grille on Rocky Neck, recording basics for a new record with KBMG, played some amazingly fun shows with SAFETY 80s on bass, kept the Monday night Rhumbline jam rolling hard and last but not least worked the acoustics with KBMG on Tuesdays at Jalapeños with great special guests like JB Amero, Allen Estes, Jimmy Ryan, Brian King, and more!   Major thanks to all the music fans and friends out there who keep all this happening with your love and support. 

all the best


2011 Winter

Dan King, David Brown, Dave Mattacks and Wolf Ginandes have been playing steadily to packed houses every tuesday at Jalapenos keeping the machine well oiled and greased while Dan has been spending time writing new material for upcoming releases.  Special guests JB and Fly Amero have helped us keep things interesting lately and we're all so thankful for their contribution to this amazing 7 year run at this establishment.    New Summer shows are in the works and recording new material is always in the discussion.   In the meantime enjoy the back catalog, videos and come to the weekly residencies if you want to catch a glimpse.  

Also check out the Bandit Kings and Safety links and just try to keep up with Dan's ever broadening horizons. 

August Rocks and Rolls. Summer 2010 cont.

What a beautiful summer in New England so far. A trip to Scandinavia and Germany in July, plenty of gigs of all kinds. I can't thank you enough for all the great moments that have occurred from Memorial Day right through to this last weekend. The support for the arts has been superb. It's been non-stop. The BANDIT KINGS are taking off in a real way and I can't believe we did our first gigs only 5 months ago. We've been on the radio, played the famous Plough and Stars and go out of state this fall with the west coast calling us this winter. Look for Gigs in New York in September, Cambridge in October. SAFETY 80S has been riding a great summer on Rocky Neck, Salem and coming up to our old friends Captain Carlos late August. Safety plays the Topsfield Fair on Columbus Day and Watch for our first Casino gig at Twin Rivers Lighthouse Bar coming Halloween weekend. KBMG has been invited to the Celebrate Gloucester Concert with Charles Neville, Henri Smith and Roomful Of Blues Labour Day Weekend on Sunday September 5th and Travels to Portsmouth NH and the Dolphin Striker on Oct 8th to kick off the long weekend. KBMG continue acoustic tuesdays at our beloved Jalapenos. What else can I say but make a reservation and come enjoy the best mexican food with David Brown, Dave Mattacks, Wolf Ginandes and I. KBMG tuesdays at Jalapenos have become an institution and the place to be tuesday nights and I'm not kidding about reserving early. Locally the Monday night Jam at the Rhumbline is back in a big way and to celebrate 15 years of Jams we're bringing Russ Lawton and Ray Paczkowski of Classic TAB Trey Anastasio Band to help make this a night to remember. Special guests all night plus an intro set of Russ and Ray's orginal duo work. I'd advise you get there early for this very special evening. Alchemy Village Night made some renovations for the better and is packing them in with an eclectic mix of guests like The Silver Spades, Marina Evans, Ron and Sheila, Joe and Renee. Tapas is the thing to try now at Alchemy so if you haven't been lately it's time to come on by and try something new and interesting. The music is early so you'll have plenty of time to get home or get out for the rest of the unofficial weekend kick-off every thursday night. You can Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates on gigs and news, photos and the like by checking out the links. Happy Surfing

Summer Summer Summer

Summer is here and the weather has been beautiful!  No complaints this year. 

The gigs are plentiful, check the listings.  The music is ready and the fun has only just begun.

The Bandit Kings, Safety, KBMG are all working plus the Monday Night Rhumbline Jam is back for the summer plus we've added new venues like the Studio and Madfish on Rocky Neck to our club circuit.   Tuesday at Jalapenos is running smooth, couldn't ask for a better gig and Village Night Alchemy has been remodeled, moved and revamped.

We're taking a break from recording and making hay while the sun shines out in the clubs so we'll see you round and round!

Have a Great Summer!,

all the best,


Cinco De Mayo Free Downloads

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!  from Bandit Kings and KBMG

the weather is beautiful where we are and we're so happy that we've decided to give away some Free Dowloads!!!!

First- The debut Bandit Kings double single "Laredo" and "The Jerker"  recorded by Tony Goddess at Bang A Song

plus "Senorita Del Sol" by KBMG (live from the Berklee Performance Center)

Just go to the Music page and Download Away!!

Both Bands fully endorse sharing with Friends!!!

The Bandit Kings Debut

The Bandit Kings are a new project featuring Dan King and SAFETY members Ann Marie and Dennis Monagle, with Renee Dupuis and Joe Cardoza. The band debuts this March, with a 3-week residency on Monday nights at the Rhumbline in Gloucester (9pm). The Bandit Kings are a Jangle and Roots-Rock combo with an emphasis on The Rock. King plays lead guitar, writes and produces original material for the group, which features lead vocalists Ann Marie and Renee, and support by Monagle (on drums) and Cardoza (on bass). The double lead vocal reminds one of early and classic rock acts the Everly Brothers and Simon and Garfunkel as well as the Beatles and the Byrds. New Wave acts like the B-52's used the sound to create many hits in the late 70s and 80s.  

It was through his successful 80s dance band SAFETY that King was influenced firsthand by the double female lead. SAFETY's covers of the Go-Gos and the Bangles shook down the house and King had a vision for the new songs he was writing. A child of the 80s himself, King came of age during the heyday of the second wave of Jangle rock bands like REM, The Smiths, The Cure, and The Pretenders, as well as the superstardom of Jangle Hero Tom Petty, which has had a major influence on his writing ever since. The Bandits interpretation of the beautiful Jangle Rock guitar sounds, mashed-up with the harmony and unison of the ethereal Renee and the throaty Ann Marie, make for a powerful musical attack. Along with Monagle and Cardoza's modern and classic beats, The Bandit Kings' timeless imagery and sound seem familiar yet fresh and new. 

The Bandit Kings Cambridge/Boston debut will be Friday night, April 2nd, opening for Cyrus Shea at The Loft at Tommy Doyles's Harvard Square (9pm). Don't miss this new and exciting act!

And check out the website at

Free Download release of Senorita Del Sol

Senorita Del Sol, a KBMG live show standard has been released for free download on and the video has been released to youtube for all to enjoy!  Go to the Videos tab for a direct link to KBMG videos and the Social tab for a link to myspace. 


KBMG start off 2010 with a couple of local shows on Cape Ann.

The Rhumbline on Jan. 30 and Elliots at the Blackburn on Feb. 13th. 

They'll  continue into their 7th year of the tuesday residency at Jalapenos Restaurant for the weekly acoustic session of favorites, originals and new material. 

Special thanks to JB Amero for sitting in whenever we have an empty slot and keeping us on our toes. 

All the boys wish you a pleasant and prosperous entry into this new decade and we hope to see you at a show soon!!!

Season's Greetings

Greetings friends, Here we are at the end of another decade. The last time this occurred we were in the midst of Y2K and a new millennium approaching. The Perfect Storm had recently filmed in our hometown area that summer and I was looking forward to enjoying the turn to 2000 in NYC. Exciting times indeed! This time I feel the hope and dreams we imagined for the new millennium will begin. A new president, a new awareness of the delicacy of our planet, and a new hope that tolerance and acceptance of all people will help the planet thrive and prosper for not just a privileged few but a much greater majority. We hope you and your loved funs have a safe and joyous Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year and Decade! Dan King

Fall Update

Hey Folks, The times they are a changin', I can feel it in the air at night. My busy summer schedule is winding down so many thanks to all who've come out to support live music this past season! From King, Brown, Mattacks and Ginandes or KBMG and our new record release Western Color to Safety 80's, the Glostafarians reggae, Wednesday Night Roots Jam and on down the line there were a lot of magical moments to be had and we took full advantage while the gettin' was good! Here's some updates to what's happening next, Our debut Live Video from the Berklee Performance Center Film is now on Youtube check it out in the new Video section! Jalapenos is still every tuesday from 7-9 acoustic TIME CHANGE! Roots Rock Wednesdays is Now at 8pm with differtent guests each week Latitude 43 Restaurant and Bar and if you like to travel a bit please check out Tom Hambridge and the Rattlesnakes Mal’s Blues & Jazz Lounge 77 WASHINGTON STREET HAVERHILL MA 01832 978-374-5150 (Located on the 3rd floor of GEORGE’S RESTAURANT) Saturday September 12, 2009 at 9PM Tickets $15.00 Advanced tickets available! Call 978-374-5150 he's a great friend who produced two of my earlier records residing in Nashville with a credit list to die for. currently working with ZZ Top! see attachment for more details, Thank You for supporting the Arts! See You Soon, best , DK

CD Release Week

Hey Everyone, I can finally say the Cd release of our new studio album Western Color (cd and downloads) is officially upon us. Western Color with David Brown, Dave Mattacks and Wolf Ginandes represents about 3 years work ( we did take our sweet old time and I can honestly say it was worth it). Initial listens by close friends and associates believe it's my best effort to date and a stellar collection of songs. Great compliments as it's hard to compete with the back catalog of my band mates! I hope you can give it a listen and see if you agree. check out for free samples Western Color With David Brown, Wolf Ginandes and Dave Mattacks: MP3 Downloads: Dan King CDBaby | Dan King | Western Color with David Brown, Wolf Ginandes and Dave Mattacks ITUNES LINK BELOW and Free Downloads while supporting worthy causes at Dan King | Boston MA US | Folk Rock, Blues, Country Music from Cd release week activities Tonite Tuesday July 28 Jalapenos Gloucester 7pm acoustic our weekly get together for over five years now! Wednesday July 29th Weekly Roots Rock Jam 9pm full band acoustic Latitude 43 Restaurant and Bar :: Groove Gloucester Thursday July 30th Cd Release Party Atwoods Tavern Cambridge Ma 930 pm Atwoods Tavern full band acoustic Friday July 31st Gloucester Sidewalk Days outdoor concert 1 Main St. (in front of Elliots and Blackburn Performing Arts) 2pm Friday July 31st Hometown Cd release Party Elliots at the Blackburn 830pm Acoustic and Electric Live Music in Gloucester | Elliott's at the Blackburn THANK YOU for supporting the arts cd's will be available at the performances and check out Dan King Road Map - The King's Highway for links to social networks myspace, facebook and twitter as well as photos, downloads, news and other fun stuff. YouTube - Goodnight Romeo Dan King KBMG Featuring Kathy Aptt

Summer Coming

Hi, Busy Weekend ahead, Summer must be near, I think. Hard to tell with these clouds but I assure they'll soon part! first I'd like to thank Salem News for their informative article today in regards to our upcoming release and Landing Show. Gloucester's King to rule Landing -, Salem, MA and thanks for all the great comments about our new youtube video. YouTube - Goodnight Romeo Dan King KBMG Featuring Kathy Aptt Download Goodnight Romeo Free at Dan King | Boston MA US | Folk Rock, Blues, Country Music from great site for music, free downloads, Charitable Contributions and musicians get paid!


The Prolz, the alt rock jam band constisiting of Dan King, Vincent Briguglio, Pete Koeplin and Brian DeFort are doing Two Shows upstairs at the Rhumbline in Gloucester, Ma. on May 23 and 24. Doors are at 730pm and the cost is 10$ per show. They'll be doing cuts from their two records from the mid nineties Workers Meeting and Instinct plus some cover songs from their favorite influences. The band has been rehearsing over the last couple months and are extremely pleased with the immediate chemistry and sound that has developed since their last performance's as a band in the spring of 1998. "Extremely Powerful" says Dan King of their recent return to form. Reserve tickets at the Rhumbline 978 293 9732 or by contacting


Hey there, Happy Happy Joy Joy and peace to all this wintry holiday season and Best wishes for a safe and happy new year! I've got plenty to be thankful for including your continued support of music and the arts and your acceptance of my periodic ramblings! mucho gracias first off, thanks to all who sold out the room last tuesday night at JALEPENOS for Fly, Dave Brown, Dave Mattacks and Myself and an extra cheers to those who stayed and listened through the speakers in the other rooms! That night got my spirit up 70 points at least. JB Amero sitting in gets a 15 point bonus! Wolf is back tonight along with Dave Brown usual place and usual time. This saturday, Dec. 27th, I'll be playing acoustic at LAT 43 in the Tavern from 6 - 830pm which means watch out for special guests sitting in holiday reunion style! This is my first time playing the room so I'd love to see some familiar faces. Then it's the Orville Giddings Band, the King of Ipswich, at 930pm. and Yes! Safety is Back! the hottest new live band and dj group is putting on a Winter Extravaganza Friday Night January 2nd, 10pm at Club 43. We're starting off the new year with a special debut show at The Latitude Main Room aka CLUB 43. New lights, plenty of dance floor and a flying octopus all included along with your favorite 80's hits and near miss favorites. Fun 80's dress always helps but is not required. The Club looks Amazing with all the new lights! 10$ gets you into the CLUB 43 party and the Tavern is FREE as always so rest up new years day cause the first weekend of 2009 is coming on strong! PEACE TO ALL DK


We got a new president and the economy is crashing. It was the best of times, it was the worst... well, my cup is still half full and I'm thankful we've got a new record so close to being complete I'm going to say it's finished. Just need to send it out for distribution. I've got two great shows running this coming weekend. First, my newest outside project Safety has been successful beyond my wildest dreams. We play the Blackburn Performing Arts on Friday the 28th of November . Then, if that wasn't enough, we've got a fantastic crew getting together on Saturday at the Blackburn Performing Arts for our Last Waltz Celebration. Russ Lawton, Wolf Ginandes, Tony Goddess and Lori Perkins all back in the house band plus special guests Henri Smith, Sara Seminski, my brother Brian King, Satch Kerans, Gary Backstrom and more. Dave Mattacks, Wolf, David Brown and I just completed a live recording at the old rhumbline which produced some raw and rockin results. We played electric all night! So I've got plenty to be thankful for. Have a fantastic Holiday season and you'll be seeing some new tracks in 2009.


Been a real busy spring and I seem to keep my head wrapped up in a lot of projects but the news is official and my whole back catalog is now available worldwide for cd purchase and downloads for the first time. I've worked with a few record companies over the years and have had some of my cds in stores nationally and some records available digitally but never consolidated like this and it's a relief! Big sigh let out as I move forward with the new material. Tony Goddess and I have been working together on the tracks and they just keep getting better so we're in no hurry for release though I will say the fall is looking good. We plan on releasing a couple of cool finished tracks over summer. Julie Dougherty, Evangeline King, and Willie Alexander have all added backing vocals, I've recut most of the lead vocals with Tony engineering and Dave Brown producing and all kinds of new style mixes keep arising. It's all very exciting to see the progress from what was already a good record to what could be my best ever! The last step is to record three acoustic style new tracks that have fast become live favorites. Bluesky Sundown, Senorita del Sol, and Laredo. So watch out because I'll be dropping the first release soon! In the meantime check out those Prolz records, Ragtag Lost , and Rabbit, all available together for the first time on digital download and cd. See what we were doing back in the 90's and early 2000's, might make you smile. Best, DK Dan King.. Dan King.. Dan King..

New Distribution 2008

Happy 2008. There's going to be a few changes happening over the winter as takes over my distribution. They're based out of Philadelphia and will be handling my whole catalog of records from the Prolz to the latest Live record to the upcoming studio works. You'll be able to purchase CD's or download the music digitally. My music will also be available on every download website imaginable. All the records will be available for the first time. So if the usual links don't seem to be working that's because of the switch. Everything should be set shortly.. Thanks for the interest and happy listening. DK

Holiday Cheer

Have a holly jolly Christmas and Holiday season. I dig the snow. Nothing like a good storm weekend to get me rolling and ready for the Holidays. The parties have been full of good friends, food, spirit and even dancing.. I've got a few gigs lined up if you're out and about looking for something fun.. check out for dates and times.. I'll be at the Rhumbline in Gloucester on new years eve with the monday night all-stars and a cast of crazies to boot. If I don't see you have a safe and splendid holiday season and we'll catch you in 2008! fondly, Dan

Another Season, Last Waltz, Jazz and Soul

It's been a while since I got down to this page. The summer brought all kinds of action straight into the fall and the list just keeps growing. Capt. Carlos outdoor stage kept me deep in the woods of jazz, blues, reggae, pop, caberat, americana, funk, you name it. So many great nights under the stars, more than ever before. Glostafarians played to their biggest crowd ever this last fiesta. Elephant House post labor CD release party overcame all expectations. The bluesfest moved to july, we added lots of Saturday afternoon shows, Nancy H. alternated her boys every monday. Close to Home on Halloween and even a bit of comedy to keep us laughing. The crowds were overwhelming, I'm tired just thinking about it. Thank You. I'm still working on that studio record which keeps getting better all the time. We decided not to rush it. I'm so glad we didn't put it out earlier. Willie Alexander just got added to the list of fanstasic musicians and souls whose influence I am forever indebted by adding some piano work. David Brown, Wolf Ginandes , Dave Mattacks and I are still in constant contact, keeping our residency at Jalepeno's in gloucester on tuesday nights, trying new songs, refurbishing old ones, and having fun discussions on music, art, and whatever else makes us tick. Also, I'm back on mondays at the Rhumbline with the House band running their Jam session into it's 12th year. My how the time flies! Upcoming- A celebration of THE LAST WALTZ at the WEST END THEATER. We've got a large cast (over 30 ) of artists and musicians inlcuding old friends Russ Lawton and Tony Goddess bringing that majorly influential concert and film into 30 years. So on Saturday Nov. 24th join us for a memorable night of celebration, fun, and music. One last note, you can nurse your body and soul on Sundays down Elliots at the Blackburn with the likes of Henri Smith and Marty Rowan starting Nov. 18th from 12-3pm this winter. See you there for the Chicken n Waffles!

Light City Reunites 2007

Beautiful weather just in time. The Light City Band featuring Dan King , David Brown, Dave Mattacks, and Wolf Ginandes will be playing their first electric show of 2007 this Saturday night, April 28th at Captain Carlos on the waterfront in Gloucester, Ma. 9pm. The Light City Band reunited last week for an acoustic warm-up at Jalepeno's to fantastic response. Everyone's been busy, David Brown is recording a new record, Dave Mattacks has been doing lot's of recording and touring the globe , Wolf has been doing some Television, and Dan is finishing up the next light city band record, the first full studio record with the the current line-up due out this summer. A new Songwriter Series with open mic will be starting this Sunday at 8pm at Capt. Carlos hosted weekly by Dan. Every week will feature a north shore songwriter. This is the new acoustic night for all you budding performers and writers out there. Also, Dan will be doing a short solo acoustic set opening for Tom Hambridge at the West End Theater on 1 main st., Gloucester, Ma. on Saturday May 12th 730pm. Call 978 281 0680 to Reserve early. Tom is a grammy nominated producer/writer/peformer currently residing in Nashville with a list of credits a mile long. Tom will also be doing a seminar on Sunday afternoon May 13th at the west end and package deals are available for both. and just a quick note the great JB Amero will be joining Dan and Dave Brown at Jalepenos Tomorrow, Tuesday April 24th while Wolf is on television duty at the usual 7-9 time.


YES , SPRING IS OFFICIALLY HERE! I spent the winter busy with the new record, planning the summer, traveling. Trips to NYC making record deals, jamming with Jay and Lauri on St. John. A special big thanks to everyone in LA, especially Dan Graziani and Katie Girl , Doug Forsdick, Brett McConnell and Yvonne, Joe Mora and Gaby, Andrew Stahl, Austin Conners, Gordon Webb, and Kacy and Scooch for a fabulous winter get away. Audiences in Topanga and Montrose make me very Happy! As does the sushi at Midori in Studio City! And everyone at the hollywood IMPROV for the hospitality on a crazy night with Louis Ck, Dave Attel, Joe Rogan. Check out COMEDYJUICE if you're in town and say hi to Andrew Stahl, formerly of Gamelon and the master behind all those Berkfests. He's doing it big in LA nowadays. Many Thanks. The new record is coming along swimmingly, it's my best kept secret and check out the calender for SONGWRITERS at the west end, TOM HAMBRIDGE and the upcoming Capt. Carlos opening which will really get us in summer mode..speaking of summer BIG TOP ROAD is getting a makeover, keep your eyes out for the new installment! A special thanks to JB Amero for covering my tuesday night regular while I hit the road. Nothing but rave reviews all around and to the folks who kept that gig humming all winter long. Thanks for keeping the room warm. A line out the door on a tuesday night when it's below zero! Amazing. Thanks to everyone at Jalepenos for treating us so well, it's been three years already! SUN IS SHINING! Dan King, spring 2007

Recording! Happy Holidays!

After the December 14th gig in Marblehead Dan plans on spending the cold weather time in the studio. There are also plans to "pop-up" at odd gigs, so don't be surprised if you see him unexpectedly. Especially for those in the New York and L.A. areas. Some Vacation time is also planned so we'll be quiet for a bit of recharging our spring fever. Happy Holidays and we'll see you on the other end.

Mozambique on Dylan Show

Legengary philadelphia DJ Michael Tearson has selected the Dan King cover of Bob Dylan's Mozambique for his weekly sirius satellite Bob Dylan Show. Taken from the Light City Live recording of 2005 featuring Dave Mattacks on drums, David Brown on Guitar, Wolf Ginandes on bass and Steve Burke on keys, Mozabique has long been a staple of King's acoustic sets, ironic that this rare full band version should make the cut!

Big Top Road runs wild!

Big Top Road,, the first performance piece co-written by Dan with artist Jon Sarkin, directed by 30 year New York theater veteran Ian McColl took the audience on a wild carnival ride through art, text and music's darker side. Using work by Shakespeare and T.S. Eliot to Dylan, Hunter S. Thompson and Tom Waits plus many Original works, an art installation, and unmatched mood and light changes, this sensory overload entertained and was applauded by all.

Tickets on Sale

Tickets are on Sale! For two events, First , Ian McColl and the West End Theater present- BIG TOP ROAD. Oct. 14, 15 desrcibed as an "unflinching look at art, text, and music" featuring Jon Sarkin, Dan King, David Brown, Wolf Ginandes, Dave Mattacks, Matt Webster $15 advance $20 showtime, reserve by phone (978) 281-0680 Tommy Doyles Harvard Square presents Dan King with David Brown, Wolf Ginandes, Dave Mattacks and The Henri Smith/Nat Simpkins Band now on sale $10 advance

New itunes

Time Move Over and Light City now available on itunes!

Live Light City Availbable on Cd Baby

Check out to hear the new live recording

Light City Now Available at

just click on the links on the product page and you can listen or purchase the new live record at also, Two Kinds of Mind now available on itunes!

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